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A Culinary Passage Through India

Welcome to Khyber Pass Indian Restaurant

The Khyber Pass is an ancient passage into the Indian subcontinent. It is the most important pass from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

No other pass in the world has had such strategic importance or so many historic associations; Aryan, Persian and Greek, Tartar, Moghul and Afghani invaders have come through the Khyber pass, leaving their imprint on the land and the people. The first British entry into the Khyber region came in 1839. After that the Khyber Pass became the key point for controlling the Afghan border.

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The secret of Pathan cooking lies in the excellent quality of the meat and the chicken, and just a light touch of spices. The food is cooked in a “tandoor,” a hollow, barrel-shaped clay oven which is indispensable, and perfectly suited to nomadic needs. The kabob is the epitome of the Pathan cuisine.

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